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Minneapolis Roofing & Exterior Contractors

As one of the top Minneapolis & St. Paul roofing contractors, Amana Construction is here to deliver the best craftsmanship & materials for all your exterior home needs. Whether you need a roof repaired or a new roof installed, Amana Construction is the premiere local twin cities roofing contractor here to help guide you through the process and answer all of your questions.  With decades of experience, we can repair & work on all types of roofs, whether it be a shake or slate roof, to a steep sloped roof or flat roof, our customers can trust us to deliver an outstanding service and great value.

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Minneapolis & St. Paul Local Roofers

For the last 15 years, Amana Construction has been a leading roofing, siding, windows, and gutter contractor throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area.  Being a local contractor and having withstood the test of time, you can be assured that Amana Construction will be there to honor their warranty, a guarantee of exceptional service.  

Company History 

In 2001, Ed Hereimi of Blaine, Minnesota founded Amana Construction to offer the twin cities a home exterior contractor that is committed to the highest quality workmanship & best materials to deliver a product that he & the business could be proud of. In 2012, Khu Le joined the Amana team as the general manager. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Amana Construction is simple, we treat every customer like our family.  When we put our families to sleep at night we want to have the comfort knowing they will be protected and safe. Our mission is to deliver a service and product that guarantees your family will not only be protected, but will add maximum value to your home. 

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Best in Exterior Home Restoration

Roofing services

We are dedicated to serving the roofing needs of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Medina, Eden Prarie, Eagan, New Brighton and anywhere else in the twin cities. Our services include: free roof inspections, free hail and wind storm damage assessments, removal and replacement of asphalt roofs, wood shake, metal and tile roofs.

We work with all insurance companies in cases of storm damage. We are a full-service roofing contractor focused on a high quality of service, industry-best products, and max value for your home.

Amana Construction offers all kinds of residential roofing services including:

Asphalt Shingles
Cedar Shake
Stone Coated Steel
Concrete Tile
Low Slope Applications
Asbestos Abatement

Asphalt Roofs

We offer the highest grade materials in asphalt shingles from the top manufacturers in the industry. Whether it is a premium 3-tab asphalt shingle or a top of the line architectural shingle, our professionals will help you pick out the perfect one for your home.

Wood Shake Roofs

The classic look of a wood shake roof is unmatched.  Amana Construction offers the best cedar shake & wood shake products on the market.  Our professionals will guide you through replacing or installing a new shake roof and answer any questions you may have.

Metal Roof installation in twin cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is one of the oldest types of roofs on the market. It is an extremely energy efficient roof and will outlast most other types.  Amana Construction is very experienced in removing and installing new metal roofs in the twin cities area.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are typically found on multi-family buildings in the Minneapolis area.  We have a lot of experience replacing and installing new flat roofs on apartment buildings and condominiums in the twin cities area. Trust your local roofing contractor.

Siding & Trim

Choosing New House Siding

Siding should offer protection from the elements while also reflecting a home’s style. Popular house siding options include:

  • Vinyl: Vinyl is inexpensive and durable. Often its only downside is aesthetic, since it does a poor job imitating the look of wood or other high-quality materials. Look for vinyl with a double-hem nailing area for the best protection.
  • Wood: Wood looks great on many styles of homes. It is more expensive and requires regular refinishing.
  • Fiber cement: Fiber cement siding is durable and can easily transform from a wood-like appearance to a more modern style. One drawback is the high cost of installation, which requires specialty tools and skills.

James Hardie Siding

With over 120 years in the business, James Hardie siding graces over 5.5 million homes across the US.  Built on a reputation of durability and reliability.  In 20 years, you will know you made the right decision over wood based siding.

LP Smartside Siding

LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding offers the warmth and beauty of traditional wood with the durability of LP engineered wood. It’s a complete line of high-performance trim and siding products to complement almost any building style.

Aluminum Seamless Gutters

Aluminium gutters in the twin cities

Aluminum seamless gutters are a great product and the choice of the modern homeowner. Several different profiles are available, as well as many colors of baked-on enamel finishes.  Another benefit is aluminum gutters do not rust.

Copper Gutters

Copper Gutter Contractors in Minneapolis

Copper gutters give your home a distinct accent to your house. Our professionals are skilled in shaping and installing copper or zinc gutters to make sure that no metal is wasted.  Copper gutters are often used on older homes with finer architectural details.

Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters are popular among many homeowners as they are relatively inexpensive.  They last for years because they don’t rust or rot from the elements. Vinyl gutters don’t chip or dent either. Vinyl gutters last for many years and don’t require extensive maintenance.


Gutters come in several sizes and shapes called profiles. The most common type of gutter used today is the open gutter, which comes in standard lengths for do-it-yourselfers, and also as continuous roll-formed seamless gutters, which must be installed by a contractor.

Most residential gutters come in two sizes– 5″ and 6″ –and are made of either aluminum, steel, zinc, vinyl, or copper in a standard “K” style.


There are many types and different systems of gutter guards.  Depending on your home’s needs, our specialists can help you decide which system would help protect your home.  We strongly suggest most homeowners to install gutter guards to protect your gutter system.

Copper Gutter Contractors in Minneapolis


But whether you are replacing a window or installing one in a newly constructed building, there are considerations other than just efficiency to keep in mind.

Different combinations of frame style, frame material, and glazing will yield very different results when comparing energy efficiency and cost. A fixed-pane window is the most airtight and the least expensive, for example — it would be the best choice if you wanted to add sunlight to a room without increasing ventilation. A window with a wood frame will usually conduct less heat than one with an aluminum frame. If you’re seeking efficiency, a double-pane, low-e window would be just as efficient as a triple-pane untreated window, but it would cost and weigh less. Consider the benefits carefully.

No one window is suitable for every application. Many windows are available that serve different purposes, and you may discover that you need different types, depending on the directions that your windows face and your local climate. To make wise purchases, first examine your heating and cooling needs and weigh the following considerations.



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Our customers become our family here at Amana Construction. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Being a local twin cities roofing contractor, we are here to honor our commitment to excellence and repair any issues that you may have with your new home exterior.

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